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Zodiac Body Oil

Zodiac Body Oil


Introducing our luxurious Zodiac Body Oil, infused with the power of the stars. This moisturizing oil is specially designed to cater to your zodiac sign, making it a truly personalized experience. From Capricorn to Sagittarius, each oil features our bestselling Pink Champagne scent and a unique floral or shimmer accent. Smells amazing and it's oh so pretty. Formulated with jojoba and castor oils to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Indulge in the magic of astrology and pamper yourself with our Zodiac Body Oil today.

<li>Capricorn Shimmer Body Oil: green, brown, and gold shimmer</li>
<li>Aquarius Shimmer Body Oil: turquoise, blue silver, silver, white, bronze shimmer</li>
<li>Pisces Floral Body Oil: Jasmine buds</li>
<li>Aries Floral Body Oil: Rose buds</li>
<li>Taurus Floral Body Oil: Multi-colored rose petals</li>
<li>Gemini Floral Body Oil: Lily</li>
<li>Cancer Shimmer Body Oil: silver, blue, gray shimmer</li>
<li>Leo Shimmer Body Oil: yellow, gold, bronze shimmer</li>
<li>Virgo Floral Body Oil: Chrysanthemum buds and flowers</li>
<li>Libra Shimmer Body Oil: nude pink, rose gold, mint green, bronze shimmer</li>
<li>Scorpio Floral Body Oil: amaranth &amp; geranium flowers</li>
<li>Sagittarius Shimmer Body Oil: dark purple, dark blue, bronze and silver shimmer</li>

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