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Pineapple Mimosa Goat Milk Soap

Pineapple Mimosa Goat Milk Soap

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Our Pineapple Mimosa Goat Milk Soap is handmade with love and care, using only the finest ingredients. Each bar creates a rich lather that gently cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. The tropical scent of pineapple and mimosa will transport you to a sunny beach, no matter where you are. Not only does it smell amazing, but the goat milk in the soap provides numerous benefits for your skin, including hydration and nourishment. Try our Pineapple Mimosa Goat Milk Soap today and treat your skin to a luxurious experience.


This is a full-body soap, good for face and body.


Soap designs may vary.

Pineapple Mimosa: fresh sweet, warm pineapple scent combined with a zesty champagne fragrance; notes of crisp citrus, pears, lilac, powder, and vanilla

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