Herbs are what give beauty products their oomph. They soothe, exfoliate, strengthen, promote growth, moisturize, remove impurities and so much more. There are a number of ways to replicate these benefits artificially using man-made ingredients but these are often toxic.  Give your hair and skin the benefits they need through all-natural herbs. 

Botanicals Beauty Amla Products


strengthens hair

Botanicals Beauty Avocado Products


high in protein, potassium & amino acids, promotes growth, softens dry hair

Botanicals Beauty Bamboo Products


high in silica and minerals; for skin acts as an anti-inflammatory and gentle exfoliant; promotes hair growth

Botanicals Beauty Banana Products


for skin moisturizes, wrinkle fighting, hydrates; for hair curl relaxing, restores elasticity, softens dry hair

Botanicals Beauty Bee Pollen Products

Bee Pollen  

improves complexion, reverses signs of aging

Botanicals Beauty Bentonite Clay Products

Bentonite Clay  

removes toxins from your pores, reduces scarring, reduces inflammation; clarifies the hair

Botanicals Beauty Bhringraj Products


strengthens hair shaft and encourages growth

Botanicals Beauty Black Tea Products

Black Tea

reduces shedding

Botanicals Beauty Burdock Root Products

Burdock Root  

light penetrating moisturizer, strengthens hair

Botanicals Beauty Calendula Products


clears bacteria, moisturizes; promotes stronger hair by increasing collagen production and circulation in hair follicles

Botanicals Beauty Carrot Products


reduces scars & blemishes in skin; promotes growth

Botanicals Beauty Cassia Products


promotes healthy scalp, strengthens and thickens hair

Botanicals Beauty Chamomile Products


softens hair; protects the skin from free-radical damage.

Botanicals Beauty Activated Charcoal Products

Charcoal (Activated)  

removes impurities

Botanicals Beauty Coconut Milk Products

Coconut Milk  

for skin improves skin elasticity, moisturizes; makes hair stronger, moisturizes

Botanicals Beauty French Green Clay Products

French Green Clay  

oil control, cleans out clogged pores, reduces large pores

Botanicals Beauty Garlic Products


increases scalp circulation

Botanicals Beauty Ginger Root Products

Ginger Root  

reduces hyper pigmentation, aids circulation; promotes growth, treats brittle hair, makes hair soft & shiny, increases scalp circulation

Botanicals Beauty Goat's Milk Products

Goat’s Milk  

delays skin aging, removes dry skin, restores ph balance, softens skin

Botanicals Beauty Green Tea Products

Green Tea  

fights dandruff, promotes growth, protects hair from UV rays

Botanicals Beauty Hibiscus Products


balance ph levels, tightens skin, inhibits elastin degradation, anti-aging

Botanicals Beauty Honey Products


fights wrinkles, deeply hydrating, acts as a humectant, soothes and restores skin; hydrates, locks in moisture for hair

Botanicals Beauty Horsetail Products


high in silica; strengthens hair

Botanicals Beauty Lavender Products


for skin soothes, reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes, anti-inflammatory; for hair balances oil production, controls shedding, promotes growth

Botanicals Beauty Marjoram Products


anti-inflammatory, soothes skin

Botanicals Beauty Marshmallow Root Products

Marshmallow Root  

adds slip to prevent breakage, detangles hair

Botanicals Beauty Neem Products


for skin anti-inflammatory, reduces scarring, prevents skin from drying out; for hair moisturizing, promotes growth

Botanicals Beauty Nettle Products


alleviates dandruff & psoriasis

Botanicals Beauty Noni Products


for skin prevents acne scars, reduces skin allergies; for hair promotes healthy scalp

Botanicals Beauty Oatmeal Products


anti-itch, absorbs oiliness & bacteria, cleans, nourishes tissue

Botanicals Beauty Parsley Products


full of vitamins and anti-oxidants that increase keratin and collagen production in the scalp, increases scalp circulation, promotes healthy hair growth

Botanicals Beauty Peppermint Products


antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

Botanicals Beauty Rhassoul Clay Products

Rhassoul Clay  

moisturizes, removes toxins and product build-up

Botanicals Beauty Rose Products


fights eczema, maintains ph balance, fights fine lines & wrinkles, soothes, acne control

Botanicals Beauty Rosehips Products


high in Vitamin C, improves skin complexion and hyperpigmentation; nourishes dry hair, stimulates scalp

Botanicals Beauty Rosemary Products


antiseptic, prevents skin infections, aids dull skin 

Botanicals Beauty Sage Products


prevents thinning, promotes healthy hair, very effective for curly and frizzy hair

Botanicals Beauty Slippery Elm Products

Slippery Elm

adds slip to prevent breakage, detangles hair, healing

Botanicals Beauty Witch Hazel Products

Witch hazel

astringent; for skin anti-inflammatory, powerful astringent, tightens pores; for hair cleans scalp, good for protective styles