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DIY Formula 1 :
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Prepare to create the ultimate, custom, herbal face mask. Botanicals Beauty Create Your Own Custom Face Masks gives you all of the benefits of an all-natural face mask with none of the fuss. No more buying individual ingredients and messy pre-prep work. Scoop it. Mix it. Apply it. We've taken the guesswork out of diy beauty. 

Each mask is super concentrated and infused with natural goodies such as clays, herbs and extracts that are designed to meet your unique skin care needs. Select a blend or customize a mask to calm, exfoliate, moisturize, detox, balance, restore and so much more.

Treat your face to a fully custom experience. The face mask base is formulated to provide calming properties. Select 2 add-in formulas (equal to 4 more luxurious ingredients) to help aid your skin.

Each 2 oz (57 g) package produces 8-10 masks.

We've curated a face mask base that has detoxifying, antiseptic and healing properties.
  • Bentonite Clay: removes toxins from your pores, reduces scarring, eases inflammation
  • Colloidal Oatmeal: absorbs oiliness & bacteria, cleans, nourishes tissue
  • Cucumber Peel Botanical Extract: moisturizes, soothes inflamed skin
  • Organic Rosemary Leaf Powder: antiseptic, prevents skin infections, supports dull skin


You Select 2 Custom DIY Formula Mixes to Complete Your Herbal Face Mask:

Calendula + Witch Hazel "Clear": clears bacteria & restores (+$2)

  • Organic Calendula Flower Powder: clears bacteria, moisturizes, stimulates collagen production and helps speed the creation of healthy new skin cells
  • Organic Witch Hazel Bark Powder: anti-inflammatory, powerful astringent, tightens pores


Rose Petal + Lavender "Balance": ph balancing & soothing (+$2)

  • Rose Petals Powder: fights eczema, maintains ph balance, fights fine lines & wrinkles, soothes, acne control
  • Organic Lavandin (Lavender) Flower Powder: hydrates, soothes skin, reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes, soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial


Rosemary + Bee Pollen "Tone": improves complexion (+$1)

  • Organic Rosemary Leaf Powder: antiseptic, prevents skin infections, aids dull skin
  • Bee Pollen Granules & Powder: improves complexion, reverses signs of aging


Bamboo + Goat's Milk "Exfoliate": removes dry skin and moisturizes (+$2)

  • Pure Bamboo Extract: high in silica and minerals, anti-inflammatory that helps relieve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, acts as a gentle exfoliant
  • Goat Milk Powder: delays skin aging, removes dry skin, restores ph balance, softens skin


Activated Charcoal + Hibiscus "Detox & Purify": moisturizes & clears the skin (+$1)

  • Activated Charcoal: removes impurities
  • Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder: balances ph levels, tightens skin, prevents elastin degradation, anti-aging


Neem + Peppermint "Restore": repairs & restores (+$1)

  • Organic Neem Leaf Powder: anti-inflammatory, reduces scarring, prevents skin from drying out, repairs dry skin, rejuvenates skin, antibacterial
  • Organic Peppermint Leaf Powder: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory


Using a non-metal spoon, mix one teaspoon of powder with water and/or oil to form a thick but spreadable paste. Spread mask on face avoiding eye area. Sit back and relax until mask begins to harden. Remove mask with warm water and pat dry. Apply moisturizer after mask removal.

Notes: Some ingredients may leave a residue or tint the skin. Use a toner to remove residue if needed. Skin may appear temporarily reddened due to the increased blood flow to the face.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. This item is not food grade and is for external use only. Do not ingest. Always conduct a patch test before usage. If you are pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner, consult with a physician before using herbal ingredients. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.