Sep 21 , 2018

Recipe: Deep Conditioning Hair Tea for Scalp Stimulation

If you're looking to stimulate new hair growth this moisturizing and stimulating hair tea can give you the kick-start you need. Here's a look at the ingredients: 
  • Ceylon Black Tea: blocks DHT which is responsible for hair loss; reduces hair shedding
  • Green Tea: promotes hair growth
  • Organic Rosehips: nourishes dry hair, stimulates scalp
  • Organic Ginger Root: promotes growth, treats brittle hair, makes hair soft & shiny, increases scalp circulation
  • Nettle Leaf: alleviates dandruff & psoriasis; stimulate the hair follicles

How to Use "Stimulate" Hair Tea Conditioner:

  • Prepare Botanicals Beauty Rosehips + Nettle “Stimulate” Hair Tea Conditioner and let it steep overnight
  • Wash hair and remove excess water
  • Saturate freshly washed hair with hair tea and massage the tea into hair
  • Apply conditioner to hair tea drenched hair (store any remaining hair tea in the refrigerator for 5-7 days)
  • Allow hair to deep condition as usual
  • Rinse conditioner and hair tea from hair

You'll notice hair that you'r hair feels stronger and softer and it will help your hair absorb your leave-in conditioner and styling products better. 

Add this conditioner to your hair regimen and watch your hair growth flourish. 

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